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1 week down!

It’s Monday! And that means I’m starting week 2 of my student teaching adventure. Week 1 was a complete whirlwind. Good or bad, my days with 22 kindergarteners flew by and I barely had the chance to miss Eleanor. I was able to hold myself together and didn’t cry until I saw her after school the 1st day (I call that a success!)

student teaching
Getting out of the house in the morning proved to be the hardest. I still haven’t settled into a routine, so I find myself running all over scrambling to get out by 7:15. My mom is watching Nora for these 1st two weeks until her regular daycare can take her on, and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed without her! The true test will be adding daycare drop-off to my mornings!

It’s been an odd adjustment to be spending more time with my pump than Eleanor during the day. I have a love/hate relationship with pumping. I’m so happy to be able to keep providing breast milk for Eleanor, but finding the time to pump is a struggle and I am very worried about keeping my supply up for my growing girl.

student teaching
Speaking of milk, Eleanor is back on an exclusively breast milk diet. She hasn’t been handling solids anymore, and we’re working with her pediatrician to figure out what’s going on and the next course of action. Please send positive vibes our way as we try to figure out what’s best for Eleanor! Needless to say, our little girl is not too happy to be missing out on her cereal and veggies – mealtime with the family isn’t so great when all you get is blocks to play with :)

student teaching
I had a great weekend unwinding and catching up with Jeff and Eleanor – lots of giggles and jabbering these days! I’ll be sure to fill you in on more about my new classroom and my plans for the rest of the semester!

student teaching

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Your turn:

Any suggestions for making the most of my pumping time?
How do you make your morning routine efficient?


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