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12 Months of Cupcakes: Devil’s Food September

I’m back with another 12 months of cupcakes update! It’s more than a little late, but bear with me! September’s gorgeous fall leaves were accompanied by delicious devil’s food cupcakes complete with chocolate ganache.

It was my first time making ganache and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the whole process was. The recipe made way too much frosting, so I would definitely only make 1/3 of what it called for the next time I make these. And trust me, there WILL be a next time. They were DELICIOUS! The devil’s food was amazing, but I’d like to work on making it a bit more moist for the next batch. The ganache was the perfect topping. It provided such a perfect, shiny finishing touch to the whole look. Both recipes are courtesy of my good friend Martha Stewart – check them out!

12 months of cupcakes devil's food

12 months of cupcakes devil's food close

12 months of cupcakes devil's food with chocolate ganache


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