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12 Months of Cupcakes: February

J and I celebrated a low-key Valentine’s day at home. We made breakfast for dinner (per my request) and had strawberry cupcakes for dessert. Strawberry fit the theme of the holiday perfectly – they’re delicious, pink, and the flavor we had at our wedding in August! I cheated this month and actually just used a box mix. I was low on time/motivation, but the results were just as yummy!

February’s cupcake kit was full of hearts and love:


With Pillsbury doing the heavy lifting, this month’s cupcakes were a breeze. I love how they turned out!


J and I certainly did NOT need to eat 24 cupcakes on our own (even though I’m sure we could have tackled that challenge with ease), so I boxed up about half the batch and brought them to the Education department at school to share the love.


Our furry Valentine didn’t get to enjoy the goodies, but she had a fabulous day full of cuddles and love just the same…



How did you share the love on Valentine’s Day?

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