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12 Months of Cupcakes: January (for real)

Phew – a 12 months of cupcakes post ON TIME (now this is a first)! This past weekend I made my January batch of cupcakes, and they were AMAZING! J and I were in agreement that they were our favorite experimental recipe so far!

We had one of our couple friends over for dinner, so I made Chocolate Cream Cheese cupcakes for dessert. The January cupcake kit was “Game Night” and had adorable King and Queen toppers. We often play Canasta together, so the deck of cards theme seemed fitting for the occasion. With all the catching up we had to do, we didn’t make it to cards this weekend, but I’m sure we will again soon!


These cupcakes were SO easy, but definitely tasted like a million bucks. I tend to fill my tins higher than most recipes call for, so I only got 15 cupcakes out of a batch that was meant for 18. I also had a fair amount of cream cheese filling left over, so I may add a bit more in the next time I make these (and yes, there will certainly be a next time).

The cupcakes turned out super moist and delicious. The chocolate chips in the filling stayed “melty” after they had cooled which I really liked. And how can you go wrong with chocolate and cream cheese?! Here’s my final product:

januarycupcakes3 januarycupcakes2


What’s your “go to” cupcake recipe? Do you have any new variations you’re just dying to try? Please share! :)

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