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12 months of cupcakes: June

This installment of 12 months of cupcakes was a favorite for me – not for the baking, but for the very special recipients. This Howdy Cowboy cupcake kit was actually meant for June, but I had  the PERFECT use for it in April!


I spent the spring semester doing fieldwork in a 5th grade classroom. Their April unit was Westward Expansion, so cowboys were a reoccurring theme. The classroom teacher threw a hoedown as an end of unit celebration, and I provided the cupcakes! Again, I skimped on the baking part and used a box of Funfetti. I’ll use pregnancy exhaustion as my excuse :)

I think they turned out just adorable.


I used little Chinet cups and shirt boxes to safely transport the finished product to the school. I even decorated the boxes with some wood grain tape to give it a more rustic feel! All of the cupcakes made it unscathed, and the kids LOVED them!


What were your favorite treats to take to school as a kid? Or what are your favorite treats to send with your kids now? Does you school have a treat policy (aka – healthy snacks only). I think it’s a good idea to keep snacks healthy on a daily basis, but allowing the occasional indulgence is perfectly acceptable :)

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