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12 months of cupcakes: march and april

Late doesn’t even begin to describe this post, but bear with me :)

I combined March and April in my 12 months of cupcakes project. March was an Easter theme with bunnies and eggs and April had a spring theme of birds!

marchcupcakes1 aprilcupcakes1

I also cheated a bit and used box mixes (gasp!). Easter fell at the end of March as well as closing on our home in Omaha. I decided to make one batch of cupcakes to share with family for the holiday and another batch to take around to our new neighbors. My mom found some fun flavors for the occasion – strawberry (a favorite of mine) and key lime (something totally new)!

I did half lime and half strawberry for each cupcake design so that everybody could try both flavors! Check out the results below:

March – Happy Easter!


April – Tweet Tweet, Nice to Meet You!



What do you think of a key lime cupcake? Would you give it a try? What’s your all time favorite flavor? 

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