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12 Months of Cupcakes: Peppermint Stick December

I had no problem finding an excuse to bake cupcakes during the month of December – Christmas isn’t complete without an array of sweets to share with friends and family. I had originally planned on making these cupcakes for a caroling party in my parents’ hometown, but due to snowy travel conditions, J and I didn’t make it back to Audubon in time to join in the festivities.

I settled on a simple chocolate recipe and made the cupcake portion at home in Milwaukee. My mom helped me finish up the cupcakes on Saturday morning by whipping up some delicious cream cheese frosting. We left half as traditional cream cheese but added in some peppermint to the other half of the batch – both were equally delicious, but the peppermint was perfect for a Christmas treat!

The cupcake set for this month was a white winter wonderland with gorgeous silver detailing. Take a look:


Here’s the final result of the Peppermint Stick cupcakes. We put 3 drops of red food coloring on the side of the piping bag to create the peppermint swirl. I think it turned out adorable!


The regular cream cheese frosting was topped with silver sprinkles to add some simple sparkle!


Since our Christmas crew isn’t too large (and none of our waistlines needed more than a couple of cupcakes), we boxed up half the batch to deliver to friends throughout the community! I found these boxes on Pick Your Plum, and they worked perfectly for delivering our sweets!


As for the cupcakes themselves, I think the recipe was a total hit! The chocolate was super rich and creamy. The recipe called for adding boiling water at the end of the mixture which melted down the cocoa powder to make the cupcakes moist and yummy. One downside was that the cupcakes didn’t rise with the nice peak that I generally like, but the taste made up for that minor flaw. The frosting was extremely versatile – it’s easy to add more or less peppermint extract based on your particular taste. Overall, I was very pleased with how our December project turned out – I will certainly be returning to this recipe again!


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