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12 Months of Cupcakes: Pink Champagne January / November :)

This edition of 12 Months of Cupcakes is coming to you from good ole’ Iowa. J and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at my parents’ home and were super happy to have my sister and her daughter join in the celebration with us. With 2 pregnant ladies and a 2 year old, the festivities were pretty tame and everyone was in bed by midnight eastern – so 11:00 our time :)

In place of a champagne toast, we opted for champagne cupcakes– a treat ALL of us could enjoy! My sister actually did the cupcake baking since J and I were finishing up “to do’s” in Omaha. I swung in to finish them up with some piped pink champagne frosting.


They turned out beautifully (and were super tasty), but definitely didn’t have the texture we’re used to with cupcakes today. Since the box mix calls for pudding free, the cupcake was not as moist as we’re used to. It was still super soft and light, but just…. different. My parents said it reminded them of cupcakes when they were kids.

The cupcake liners I used were actually from November (whoops!) and were an adorable vintage rose theme. I thought they worked perfectly for our New Year’s “Princess Party.” Here’s our final result…


My niece (the official taste-tester of all sweets and treats) gave these cupcakes 2 thumbs up!



How did you celebrate New Years?  Would you ever try a pink champagne cupcake?

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