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October 2011

I’ve been on a kick of trying new dishes. I found this recipe for beef and broccoli stir fry and just so happened to have some round steak I needed to use - and voila! A colorful (and tasty) skillet! I think I’ll try some more veggies next time and try to spice up the sauce (red pepper flakes), but overall it was [...]

Candy Overload

J and I were totally bummed when we had absolutely ZERO Trick-or-Treaters this weekend. We had loads of candy leftover and didn’t think leaving it in the break room at work would be nearly as fun. But then………. two huge van loads of kids pull up outside our house dressed to the nines in their scariest and [...]

Comfort Food

Tonight I made a household favorite for dinner. I think it’s the first meal I ever cooked for J, so maybe it’s just the memory we like so much :) Chicken Tarragon and Joey’s Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes (yes, the potatoes are named after me haha) Both are super easy - the potatoes can be prepared ahead [...]

This is It

I realized something recently: this is it. And no, not in the Michael Jackson sense. And I’m not throwing my hands in the air in exasperation either. This is it - this is my life. I graduated college, scrambled to get a job, moved to Milwaukee, and then waited for everything to “start.” Waited for [...]

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