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January 2012

Child Development Resource

I have a question for any educators/parents/smarties out there! :) Do you know of any good child development resources? I’m looking for a quick guide to the benchmarks most children achieve at any particular age. I know, I know - they’re all different. But something that outlines the broad range of ‘normal.’ I think it will [...]

Building a Better Teacher Check out these 5 videos published by the New York Times that show how intentional decisions on behalf of teachers are making a positive impact on their students. I love the teacher who brings joy to the mundane (and at times chaotic) task of transitioning little ones from their desks to [...]

Life is getting busy. In an effort to save time and money while still maintaining a healthy diet, I whipped up 2 of our favorite muffin recipes (Original Bran Muffins and Poppyseed) for a quick breakfast. I kept a few out to get eaten up right away but threw most in the freezer. No excuse not [...]

1st Day

Yesterday was my first day back to school. My 19th first day of school ever! :) It put it bluntly…. it was terrible. Not the school part. Just the day. Around 10:00 yesterday I looked down at my computer screen and there was a hole in my vision. I don’t know how else to explain [...]

Power Breakfast

I whipped up these egg bakes last week. J has been leaving the house by 5:00am most mornings to catch the gym before it gets busy, so he’s been piecing together various breakfast options (none of which were all that healthy or filling). I had seen variations of egg bakes all over Pinterest, so I [...]

Why I Failed at Insanity

I gave Insanity a try last fall and made it through less than half of the program. I’m currently doing Brazil Butt Lift and absolutely loving it. I’ve proven to myself that I can stick with a program, so what went wrong with Insanity? Sure, Insanity is much harder than BBL, but I think there [...]

BBL Week 2

Brazil Butt Lift is still going well. I’ve officially done all of the videos at least once. It’s a good feeling to know that I can get through anything they throw at me. I think Sculpt and Tummy Tuck are probably the worst to get through (for obvious reasons). My abs are on fire by [...]

Hey Friends!

Hello out there! Wow, I haven’t posted since Saturday. That feels like a million years ago. I’m enjoying my last week of ‘me time’ before classes start next Monday. I’m so excited to get started, but I keep reminding myself to take full advantage of the calm I’m lucky to have right now. Let’s see…. [...]

Holy smokes - we went to Maggiano’s last night for dinner and it was amazing (as always). I am a sucker for all things carbs - bread, pasta, bread, bread, bread (you get the picture). We had a gift card and they had a great ‘date night’ deal that we just couldn’t pass up. I [...]

BBL Update

Today is my 4th day of Brazil Butt Lift. I’m no longer painfully sore (yay!) and I’m getting better at the moves (double yay!). Yesterday was a repeat of Bum Bum - I definitely got more out of this workout than I did the first time. I knew how to do to moves, so I [...]

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