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January 2012

Holy Matrimony!

Last night J and I Skyped with the priest who will be presiding over our wedding Mass, Fr. Alexander. We don’t know him particularly well and since we’re planning an Omaha wedding from Milwaukee, our opportunities to meet up with him in person are few and far between.  It was an amazing experience. It was [...]

Calling all MFP Users!

Anybody out there using My Fitness Pal?  Friend me (joannamurnan) and we can hold each other accountable! It’s a win-win!


…is now spelt B-B-L. Seriously. My first day of Brazil Butt Lift worked muscles that I never knew existed. An 80 year old lady at the grocery store beat me out of the car. Today it’s Cardio Axe and Tummy Tuck! I’ll need to do some stretching before I even try conquering BBL this afternoon. [...]


Study Chic

My new office space is complete. Simple and elegant - I love it. A perfect place to set up shop and get some work done :)

whip this body into shape

Back to School

2012 is here and that means so many things for me: …a quickly approaching wedding (yay!!) ….a laundry list of resolutions …and my first semester back in school! I am beyond excited to be returning to school. After deciding that my current marketing position just wasn’t for me, I took a long overdue look at [...]

Happy New Year!

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