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March 2012

Lunch Litter

I went shopping today with the best intentions. And we all know how that turns out… here’s what went down: I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to find an alternative to plastic baggies for food storage. Since then, I’ve pinned all sorts of goodies that I *thought* would be the perfect solution. I narrowed it down [...]

HS Friends Visit MKE!

My two best friends from high school visited J and I in Milwaukee this weekend. I honestly can’t remember the last time all of us were together, so it was amazing to have an entire weekend to catch up, reminisce, and make some fun new memories. The highlights of our weekend are captured above - [...]

Clean Green

So now that my plastic free kitchen is in full swing, I decided to take the next step and revamp my cleaning routine. I’m astonished by how many chemicals I’ve gotten used to using in my daily life - dusting spray, bleach, shower cleaner, swiffer floor cleaner, fabreeze, disinfecting wipes, the list goes on and [...]

Back to reality…

Safe House!

On the Run

On our road trip last week, J and I started etching out our summer schedule. We look forward to summer the minute temperatures dip here in Wisconsin, so we know we have to make the most out of each and every sunny day! Obviously, we have a busy August (wedding, honeymoon, school), but we thought [...]

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