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March 2012

my kind of night :)

A green drink followed by a rousing game of Farkle - my kind of night :)

Eat More Cake

Eat More Cake A good life lesson for us all :) J and I made this cute box of cupcakes and took them over to our neighbor’s house yesterday as a sweet St. Patty’s day treat. Today the little neighbor girl brought over a rock from her collection as a thank you for the cupcake. [...]

among the wildflowers

Milwaukee has given us an early taste of spring, so I decided it was time to change up the framed words in our basement. “Merry and Bright” just doesn’t seem to capture the mood of sunshine and springtime. I picked up some brighter scraps of fabric and turned to my good friend Tom Petty for some inspiration… [...]

Purging Plastics

Remember how I mentioned getting rid of ALL plastic in my kitchen, well spring break offered the perfect opportunity to make this goal a reality. I went through every drawer, cabinet and shelf pitching all plastics into a box. I haven’t quite decided what to do with all my old plastics. Some will be kept [...]

Seeing green!

Repurposed Treasures

I told you about our trip out to Chuck’s Bargain Barn earlier this week, so now it’s time to show you all what $26, 2 boxes, and a little imagination got me… 4 strawberry glasses 2 blue ball jars 5 white vases 1 glass fish plate 1 milk jug 2 cake plates 1 glass juicer [...]

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