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April 2012

Study Break!

fruit smoothie
clothes exploding out of closet

                                Hey, sometimes picking out what to wear is the hardest part of my day :)

One Word Wednesday: bloom

Tulips blooming in a spring garden

What’s wrong with this picture? Cute tank and yoga pants? Check Water bottle? Check Plenty of room to jump around? Check Shaun T. ready to bring the pain? Check Me? _______ I’m going to be completely honest with you guys - Insanity is not off to a great start. A couple of all-nighters for school kept me from starting the [...]

You know how there are how to’s and tutorials pretty much everywhere you look on the internet? Ever feel overwhelmed with this abundance of helpful advice? Well you’re in luck, because I’m here to tell you how NOT to make eggplant parmesan. Follow my instructions, and you will end up with some sort of weird [...]

This little piggy was my first project after a major thrifting haul. He was pretty scratched up, but for 49¢ I thought he was cute enough to take home. And with just a bit of chalkboard paint and imagination, this porker now has a new home atop my stove. And yes, I fully realize the [...]

Yesterday The Knot informed me that it was 4 months until our wedding - 4 months?! It’s really coming quickly now. We have a few appointments to wrap up, but everything is definitely on track. Can’t wait for these 122 days to tick away!

One Word Wednesday: cram

A Quick Easter Update

I’m a little behind the curve on an Easter post, but I just thought I’d share one cute decor project to celebrate spring. J’s mom The Easter Bunny sent us a wonderful package full of yummy treats and Easter goodies. In the box were a handful of paper eggs. I immediately knew what I wanted to do [...]

my first fit test

Not an awesome showing for my first fit test, but the only way to go is up :) The “hate” part of my love/hate relationship with Insanity came crashing back with this Fit Test. I know what I did wrong last time, so I’m determined to make it work. Wedding and honeymoon are quickly approaching - [...]

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