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June 2012

Summerfest Milwaukee Wisconsin Music Festival

Rock ‘n Sole 5K

rock 'n sole 5k finish line

J and I tackled our first 5K together yesterday. It was an extremely foggy morning on the Milwaukee lakefront, but the fog lifted right before the 7:20 start time. The route was great. We ran up the home bridge for mile 1, turned around and got a break on the downhill for mile 2 and [...]

Summer in a Box

fresh strawberries in a box from the CSA

I can't get enough of these strawberries. Unpacking them last night reminded me of being a little girl in the summertime. My sister and I would help my mom unpack the farmer's market loot- emptying the green strawberry baskets and spreading them out ALL across the table. My mom made jam and all kinds of [...]

CSA: Week 1

CSA veggies for the week

Week 1 of our CSA share has FINALLY arrived! I picked up our share at noon and then made quick work of washing up our produce and getting it stored away. It was so exciting to unpack the box - a few of the veggies were completely foreign to J and I, but with a [...]

buried under books

Lazy Weekend


J and I had an unusually calm weekend - I think a better word might be L-A-Z-Y. We did happy hour at the Milwaukee Ale House on Friday night, wandered around the Third Ward and made homemade malts. It rained off and on all day Saturday, but we snuck out to the neighborhood pond to [...]

Downtown Dining

boat tour milwaukee downtown dining

My parents' visit happened to coincide with Milwaukee Downtown Dining, so we took full advantage! During downtown dining week a group of restaurants create specially priced menus at $10, $20 and $30 price points. It's a great way to try a new place and maybe order something you wouldn't normally choose. Friday night we did [...]

stack of wedding invitations

The wedding invites are out! With help from my mom a couple of weekends ago (yes, this post is late), we got our huge stack of wedding invitations stamped, stuffed and addressed! It took the two of us about 5 hours to complete the task - not too shabby if you ask me! J and [...]

Tweet from @joannaolson

Sure, Twitter is fun for following random celebrities, checking out what friends are up to/eating, and getting the latest news, but I recently experienced the true power and reach of social media. Check it out... Yesterday I went to Crate and Barrel in search of candle holders (yes, I'm just THAT exciting) and realized that [...]

flower garden june 8

Or B for BEER, depending on your viewpoint :) Well, summer classes have officially started, and I made it through week 1! Overall I think I'm really going to enjoy the content of the courses. My children's literature course is like a blast from the past. We started with nursery rhymes this week and it [...]

Classic nursery rhymes
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