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June 2012

Election Day

I Voted sticker - Wisconsin election day

It's election day in Wisconsin! After months of turmoil in the state, voters have the chance to make a positive change. So before my first cup of coffee and before perusing my blogroll, I headed to the polls to fulfill my civic duty. Five minutes of my day to make a lasting impression. Worth it? [...]

Eenie meenie miney moe

On our 7 hour road trip back to Milwaukee, J and I turned to podcasts to pass the time. After exhausting the fitness/health genre, we turned to TED Talks. We both are avid watchers of the TED videos, and we enjoyed listening to the podcasts just as much. There was one particular podcast that seemed [...]

Trip Home – IOWA

J and I were so lucky to be able to get away for such and extended period - it was really great to get to settle in for some good ol' family bonding. My sister was back home with her daughter Mahala during the same time, so our days were filled with playing kitchen, splashing [...]

Wedding Windup

Our wedding is rapidly approaching and everything has started to get much more real. J and I got an incredible amount of wedding "to dos" done on our trip back to Omaha and Audubon. I feel like the pressure is off.... for now :) After a disappointing first round of vendor selection, we finally found [...]

vintage brooches on cake plate

The hostesses were extra sneaky with this surprise - the shower guests were each invited bring a brooch to create a brooch bouquet. Following the trusty vintage theme, the brooches were used in lieu of a traditional bow bouquet. I ended up with a beautiful assortment of brooches - each with its own story. Together [...]

vintage hankies as decor and favors

One of the big hits of the shower was the adorable decor. My sister used hankies for double duty - to decorate the room AND be a cute take home favor for the guests. She strung up the vintage patterns on twine using clothes pins. Each hankie had a little note tied to it: What [...]

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