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January 2013

One Word Wednesday: prep

Phew - a 12 months of cupcakes post ON TIME (now this is a first)! This past weekend I made my January batch of cupcakes, and they were AMAZING! J and I were in agreement that they were our favorite experimental recipe so far! We had one of our couple friends over for dinner, so I [...]

denise austin fit and firm

In all honesty, ever since J and I returned home from the honeymoon back in August, my exercise routine has severely suffered. I hardly stepped foot in the gym in September, and then when I got pregnant, I was in no shape for exercise (aka: it's extremely difficult to find motivation when you're nauseous 24/7). [...]

Laughing through Leg Cramps

I recently subscribed to the Pregnant Chicken calendar updates which sends weekly emails that correspond with my current week of pregnancy. Today is week 18, and when her message arrived in my inbox, I swore Pregnant Chicken was a mind reader... Leg cramps? Check. Heartburn? Check. Excessive drainage? Check. Attractive, huh? I didn't think it [...]

baby bucket list

Things are certainly going to change once Baby M makes his/her arrival in June, so I started thinking about all of the things I wanted to get done during my last few months of "pre-baby life." It was actually really difficult for me to scrap together this list. Ever since J and I started dating, [...]

just bumpin’ along

weekly pregnant belly decals

After hearing news of our pregnancy, my sister sent me the cutest gift - belly stickers. She knew that I'd be one to document my growing belly, so she tracked down stickers to photograph my tummy every 4 weeks. I like the idea of spreading it out over 4 weeks because: a) It's harder than [...]

dear baby…

One of the first things I did after finding out Baby M was on the way was order pregnancy journals for J and I. I had read about the importance of finding a way to connect with baby before he/she actually arrives. I really wanted a way to center my thoughts on pregnancy and give [...]

One Word Wednesday: coned

coned puppy

a new chapter…

J and I wanted to wait a long as possible to start announcing news of Baby M. We knew the risks of pregnancy and were aiming to get past the 12 week mark before telling our parents and siblings. However, Thanksgiving presented itself as the perfect opportunity to share the news - we were hosting [...]

oh baby!

positive pregnancy test

In some ways, finding out we were expecting Baby M seems like a lifetime ago, but in others it feels like just yesterday. It was the beginning of October and I had been feeling "off" for a few days. J was convinced I was pregnant. My chest was super sore (and felt HUGE) one evening, [...]

This edition of 12 Months of Cupcakes is coming to you from good ole' Iowa. J and I spent a quiet New Year's Eve at my parents' home and were super happy to have my sister and her daughter join in the celebration with us. With 2 pregnant ladies and a 2 year old, the [...]

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