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February 2013


I've been pretty silent on here this week. Overall l have really enjoyed my 2nd trimester, but this past week has been a struggle. For the first time, I really, REALLY have begun to understand the dramatic change my body is undergoing. I have new aches, none of my clothes fit me right, the number [...]

J and I celebrated a low-key Valentine's day at home. We made breakfast for dinner (per my request) and had strawberry cupcakes for dessert. Strawberry fit the theme of the holiday perfectly - they're delicious, pink, and the flavor we had at our wedding in August! I cheated this month and actually just used a [...]

it’s a….

GIRL! And even more importantly, she's healthy and growing big and strong! Our little girl measured just a few days ahead of her due date, and she was just perfect. Her head was facing my back in my lower, right hip, so we didn't get to see much of her face throughout the appointment. From [...]


At 2:00 today, we'll find out if Baby M is a boy or a girl! Here are our official guesses... As you can see, it's 2 against 1. I'm just SURE Baby M is a boy, but both J and Ruby are pulling for a girl :)

10 Minute Solution

I ordered Lizbeth Garcia's 10 Minute Solutions Prenatal Pilates off Amazon a few days ago, and tried it out as soon as it arrived on my doorstep. I had been getting bored with my exercise routine, so I decided I needed something new to switch things up a bit. I also liked the idea that [...]

One of the first books I came across after getting pregnant was The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp. It was highly rated on Amazon and looked like a useful read. As luck would have it, my sister gifted the book to J and I for Christmas. She told me that it was [...]

2 candles

25th birthday cake

2 wishes to enjoy the next 20 weeks and everything they represent: baby, home, marriage, family let's eat! :)


J and I celebrated my birthday weekend in style at Ristorante Bartolotta for a yummy Italian dinner. We hadn't been there since J first moved to Milwaukee 4 years ago, and this visit was a little different (ahem, no bottle of wine... or 2), but was certainly amazing nonetheless. My meal consisted of Mozzarella alla Pizzaiola [...]

baby m: week 20

This week marks 2 big milestones for me - I celebrate my 25th birthday today, AND I'm halfway through my pregnancy! Yayyyyyyy! Luckily both are occasions for cake ;) Aside from a visit from my good friend fatigue, I have been feeling GREAT since I last updated you at week 16. 2nd trimester is definitely [...]

Part of my baby bucket list was to watch The Business of Being Born. They had it at our library, but we also found it on Netflix streaming. I had heard from several moms that the documentary was a "must see" for preparing for childbirth. J and I both enjoy watching documentaries, but sometimes I [...]

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