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June 2013

preparing for baby

hospital bags for labor and delivery

Yesterday officially marked 2 weeks until my due date - in less than 14 days that loooooong awaited "D-Day" will finally be here! Now, I'm not focusing TOO heavily on the 24th because I know many first time mom's go well past their scheduled due dates. My Dr. has mentioned that she thinks I appear [...]

maternity photos

It's no secret that I've been horrible about posting regular updates in the past few weeks months, but I'm determined to catch up as much as possible! One of my Baby Bucket List items was to get maternity photos. I know people have mixed feelings about the new trend, but I really wanted someone to [...]

baby m: 37 weeks

We're into weekly bump updates until our little one arrives! J took a new picture of me last night, and I still can't believe that's really MY stomach! The days of strangers "ooo-ing" and "ahh-ing" over my cute bump are long gone. Now people just look at me with pity, haha. Everyone is shocked that [...]

baby m: 36 weeks

I am extremely late (again) with my 36 week update! The past month has flown by. J and I are settled into our new home and absolutely love being back in Omaha with so many family and friends around. I've been in to see my Dr. a few more times and will be going weekly [...]

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