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July 2013

one word wednesday bliss

Check out today's Try it Tuesday vlog on baby massage featuring adorable baby cousins Eleanor and Lydia :) http://youtu.be/bDGXGx0q2JA Want to know more about baby massage? Check out this article on "The Calming Benefits of Infant Massage" by WhatToExpect.com! Also for anybody wondering, the massage oil we use is Almond Glow by Home Health - [...]

color me rad 5k

I'm super excited to share some news with you! I got the fantastic opportunity to participate in my 2nd Color Me Rad 5k in Des Moines this fall thanks to my partnership with Fit Approach! They are generously comping me a spot in their October 5th event - Jeff and I are signed up, have [...]

Hello there and happy Monday! I am writing to you from my parents' home in Iowa where I'll be spending the week with my family! As I mentioned on Saturday, my sister is visiting from Texas with her two little girls (Mahala and Lydia). We had an AWESOME weekend in Omaha, and I'm looking forward [...]


Makingmine may be relatively quiet the next few days... My sister is visiting with her two daughters (3 years and 6 weeks), so I'll be caught up snuggling and playing with my sweet nieces. It was so fun seeing all of the cousins meet for the first time yesterday! Our house has turned into a [...]

This installment of 12 months of cupcakes was a favorite for me - not for the baking, but for the very special recipients. This Howdy Cowboy cupcake kit was actually meant for June, but I had  the PERFECT use for it in April! I spent the spring semester doing fieldwork in a 5th grade classroom. [...]

the great paci debate

the great paci debate

There are many "hot topics" for parents, but one reoccurring debate I see is the use of pacifiers. Let me preface this post by admitting something: I was a complete and total paci addict as a child. As family legend has it, when I was born the hospital was throwing out a huge box of pacifiers [...]

I had the honor of guest posting for Laura from Fit Running Mama while she's enjoying a little time off on vacation! Head over to her blog to check out my post - 5 Tips for Fitting in Fitness with a Baby!

I'm really excited to share my latest project with you - take a look and let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV7nagXvKn4 Have an idea to contribute? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

workin’ weekend

This was a LOOOONG weekend at our house. Nora has hit her 6 week growth spurt, so this mama was on the clock all weekend. We fed over, and over, and OVER! After being awake almost all day yesterday, Nora slept awesome last night (hallelujah)! In between our frequent feedings, we managed to have some [...]

Late doesn't even begin to describe this post, but bear with me :) I combined March and April in my 12 months of cupcakes project. March was an Easter theme with bunnies and eggs and April had a spring theme of birds! I also cheated a bit and used box mixes (gasp!). Easter fell at [...]

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