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November 2013

eating & breastfeeding

Since the day I found out I was expecting, I tried to be conscious of the fact that I was now eating for two. And with breastfeeding, that hasn't changed since Eleanor was born. I'm not going to pretend to know the complexities of nutrition and breastfeeding, but I've done my best to properly feed [...]

easy egg bakes

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I made a few batches of egg bakes for Jeff and I to enjoy as a quick and easy breakfast. They are SO simple to prepare, you can customize them with whatever "fillings" you want, and you can keep them fresh in the freezer to enjoy for [...]

Nebraska Crossing First Look

Omaha is opening up a brand new outlet mall today, and last night a few of the Omaha bloggers had the opportunity to attend the Nebraska Crossing preview event! I hadn't been out to the area since the mall has been under construction, and I have to say that it looks AMAZING! There was awesome [...]

why wait?

why wait

While going through a box of my childhood belongings, I stumbled across my favorite coloring books. I loved was obsessed with trolls as a kid, so when my parents gave me two troll coloring books, they quickly became my most cherished possessions. So much so, that I never, EVER made a mark in them. If [...]

eleanor: 5 months

Wow - it's crazy to think my June baby is now 5 months old! Eleanor has had a wonderful month full of big changes! We're doing better with napping in the crib instead of my arms, but I'm sure to sneak in my snuggles every now and then. We're still going strong with exclusively breastfeeding, [...]

A couple of months ago I introduced you to a handy new product called The Mighty Handle. The Mighty Handle has transformed my grocery shopping and made juggling a carseat, stroller, diaper bag, and shopping bags SO much easier! I rarely have to make two trips to the car, and my arms don't feel like [...]

Since moving back to Omaha in April, I have been so astounded by all of the amazing events this city has to offer! There has hardly been a weekend where Jeff and I haven't found something fun to do in the community. Omaha is lucky to have a theater specializing in family friendly shows! The Rose [...]

non-scale victories

My postpartum fitness journey has been pretty relaxed. After I learned the importance of letting my body heal at its own pace, I haven't focused much on the number on the scale or my body measurements. Instead I have looked to non-scale victories to keep me motivated and assure myself that I'm headed in the [...]

baby journal revisited

Excuse me while I get overly mushy and sentimental... One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was buy journals for Jeff and I to document our pregnancy. I knew that we would both have different perspectives and that no matter how memorable a moment may seem, it would [...]

mmm… muffins

pumpkin banana muffins

Last week I found myself with way too many bananas ripening way too fast. So, I did what any hungry girl would do... I made muffins! I was already in "make-ahead mode" by popping 2 batches of egg bakes and runzas in the freezer, so I thought I'd make a variety of muffins to freeze [...]

Halloween is barely over, but I have to confess, I already have Christmas on the brain. I made my 1st Christmas gift purchases this week, ordered a stocking for Eleanor, and even turned on some Christmas tunes this morning. Shhh... I know it's early, but the whole season just makes me so happy :) That's [...]

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