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December 2013

Makingmine Gift Guide

Christmas shopping has to be one of my favorite things to do! This year I have a baby of my own to buy for, so it's even better! It's not always easy to think of gifts no matter how well you know someone, so I decided to put together a quick gift guide of some [...]

post-baby body: final

The name of this post is a bit misleading - while it's my final post-baby body update, I don't believe I'll ever be at my "final post-baby body." I'll explain... This Friday I will officially hit the 6 month postpartum mark. Getting to know my baby, figuring out breastfeeding, and learning how to be a [...]

egg nog cupcakes

After experimenting with my peppermint mocha crepe recipe last week, I still had some yummy Bolthouse Farms holiday drinks on hand, so I decided to try making cupcakes! This time I decided to use the Holiday Nog. The recipe is SUPER simple, but it packs some serious Christmas goodness! The cupcakes turned out beautifully with [...]

Last night Jeff and I were lucky enough to get to go to a sneak peek of Narnia at the Rose Theater! Just as I expected, the show was absolutely fantastic! I had never been to The Rose, so it was a treat to get to look around and see a show in a more [...]

365 Days of FIT!

365 days of fit challenge

I often turn to the friends I've made in the blogosphere for inspiration and motivation. That's why I knew right when I saw Ashley from Coffee Cake & Cardio post about 365 Days of Fit, I just had to join in! It's no secret that my commitment to fitness post-baby hasn't been all that great, [...]

peppermint mocha crepes

Happy Tuesday friends! This morning I woke up craving some of the delicious crepes my sister made while we were in Texas. I'd never made crepes before, so I was eager to learn from her! She made regular princess crepes and filled them with Nutella, strawberries and bananas - you can't go wrong with that [...]

ice gaylord texan

Jeff, Eleanor, Ruby pup and I spent the past week in Dallas, TX visiting my sister Rachel and her family. We road tripped down with my parents and had an AMAZING time! We hadn't seen Rachel's family since July, so the trip was long overdue. Especially when I have 2 adorable nieces who are growing [...]

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