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January 2014

Another great show is opening tonight at The Rose Theater! Omaha families are so lucky to have such high quality, CREATIVE arts right here in the community! This show is even more special as it was written by playwright-in-residence Brian Guehring. Weaving together two classic Hans Christian Andersen tales, The Grocer's Goblin & The Little Mermaid [...]

7 months of breastfeeding

breastfeeding journey

**If you aren't the least bit interested in breastfeeding, this post isn't for you and check back tomorrow :) I'm hoping this post can help another mother who is finding breastfeeding difficult, but wants to stick it out! You can do it! :) Last week I told you about how I came to my decision [...]

bamr bands

I recently reestablished my relationship with the treadmill. I love running outside and find it difficult to get myself motivated to hit the gym in the winter. And even though we're experiencing -20º weather here in Nebraska, summer is right around the corner and I want to be ready for shorts and swim suits! Like it [...]

my decision to breastfeed

why i breastfeed

**As a preface to this post, I just want to say that although breastfeeding works for us, I know it's not the right decision for everybody. I am a strong breastfeeding advocate but fully support those who choose to formula feed. I'm not an expert and don't pretend to have all the answers, but I [...]

art of couponing

Going from a family of two to three has definitely made us reevaluate our finances. No matter how well Jeff and I thought we planned, nothing could have prepared us for the expenses of having a baby. Between diapers, doctors appointments, and daycare, growing our family has not been cheap. Jeff and I would love [...]

eleanor: 7 months

7 month baby photos

Our little Miss Eleanor is 7 months! These past few weeks have been the very best yet - so many fun changes each and every day! Once we hit the 6 month mark, she took off like a rocket developmentally. It was as if she learned to sit overnight, she started rocking on all fours, [...]

balloonacy at the rose


With a tiny one of my own, I was so excited to hear about the latest show added to The Rose Theater's spring lineup! Balloonacy is a one-man, pantomime show centered on the power of friendship. It is geared to the Rose's littlest audience and is a great starter show for preschoolers and parents alike! [...]

1 week down!

student teaching

It's Monday! And that means I'm starting week 2 of my student teaching adventure. Week 1 was a complete whirlwind. Good or bad, my days with 22 kindergarteners flew by and I barely had the chance to miss Eleanor. I was able to hold myself together and didn't cry until I saw her after school [...]

back in the classroom

student teaching

**Totally meant to get this posted before I headed out the door this morning, but I ran out of time. Day 1 was great! Tiring, but great!** Today marks the 1st BIG change of 2014 - I'm headed back to the classroom for a semester of student teaching! I finished my coursework in April, so [...]

mama day

Taking a "mama day" today to be with my baby. We had a trip to urgent care yesterday with tummy troubles, so we're making some changes to her diet (back to exclusively breastfeeding for now). Eleanor is doing well now - babies are good at keeping your priorities in check and forcing you to slow [...]

commitment day 5k

commitment day 5k

Yesterday Jeff and I kicked off 2014 with the Commitment Day 5k here in Omaha! "Santa Claus" brought us registrations in our Christmas stockings (much to Jeff's surprise, haha)! Commitment Day is a movement of family friendly races held nationwide on January 1st hosted by Life Time Fitness clubs. That Santa is one smart cookie - we couldn't [...]

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