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March 2014

Ladies’ Night Out!

chef2 midtown crossing

With a crazy schedule recently, I'm so excited to have a "girls' night" on the calendar! We all need some time to unwind once in awhile, plus I'm always looking for ways to meet more friends in the Omaha area! Midtown Crossing is hosting a series of Ladies' Night Out events that you do NOT [...]

i’m back!

omaha bloggers

Hello and happy Monday! As you may have realized, it has been a loooooooong time since I posted here on Makingmine. Life has been crazy and unfortunately the blog world hasn't made the cut on my lengthy "to do" lists. I've genuinely missed writing posts, reading your comments and catching up with some of my [...]

on the move!

crawling baby

It was a BIG weekend at our house: Eleanor is crawling! Every time we put her on the floor to play, she got closer and closer until finally on Sunday afternoon she crawled across the living room floor! She still prefers to move around backwards and side-to-side, but she's definitely getting more sophisticated in her [...]

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