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April 2014

one word wednesday sunshine

fenugreek: friend or foe?

breastfeeding fenugreek

Oh the things we do for our babies…. After months of worry about Eleanor’s eating and weight gain, Eleanor's appetite finally increased and she started demanding more breast milk at daycare. Being away from her 8 hours a day, 5 days a week resulted in my body having a difficult time keeping up with her [...]

2 race weekend

We're 4 months into our 12 months of 5k's and this weekend was a double whammy with races both Saturday and Sunday. We kicked off the weekend with the Color Me Rad 5k. It's the 3rd one Jeff and I have done together and it was our favorite to date! The weather was PERFECT, we [...]

easter angel food

angel food cake

As I mentioned in my Easter Snaps post, Jeff and I hosted both sides of our family for lunch on Sunday. I planned a fresh, Spring menu with yummy salads, my favorite mashed potatoes, and a delicious ham. I even stole a couple of ideas from the tasting at Chef^2 (more on that here) and [...]

eleanor: 10 months

10 month old baby

My sweet girl is 10 months old already! Aside from a couple of slip-ups in my MSPI diet, we’ve had a fantastic month! What’s new with Eleanor? Well, she’s officially entered the “I can do it myself” stage! Eleanor loves the sense of independence she gets with self-feeding. Mealtime typically lasts for about an hour [...]

easter snaps

baby's first easter

Hi friends! I've been missing from the blogosphere for awhile prepping for Easter and enjoying my little break from school! I'm popping by today to share some snaps from a wonderful holiday weekend! Jeff and I hosted both sides of our family for Easter lunch and an egg hunt. It was a blast getting to [...]

flavor on tap at chef^2

chef^2 midtown crossing omaha

We had another great weekend here in Omaha! It was half glorious spring and half miserable winter. Ah well, that's Nebraska, right?! My weekend kicked off on Thursday night with a girls’ night with friends at Midtown Crossing! I LOVE this area of Omaha and can’t believe how much it has changed since college! Am [...]

life is funny

mspi breastfeeding

Life has a funny way of working out. I was talking to my sister recently about the incredible shifts I've had with breastfeeding. One of my biggest concerns while pregnant was being able to breastfeed Eleanor until 1 year. I wanted everybody in my life to be on board - my husband, my family, and [...]


While pregnant, I read every blog imaginable listing all of the "things they don't tell you about..." pregnancy, childbirth, having a newborn, and so on. Hours upon hours of reading could not have prepared me for losing my hair postpartum! So any of you soon (or someday) to be mamas, I don't expect you to [...]

totally rad weekend

totally rad 80s run omaha

This weekend was everything a weekend should be - a mix of relaxation, house projects, good food, sweet friends, and a family 5k! Friday started with dinner with some girlfriends at Mark's in Dundee. I've never been there before and LOVED the Carnitas Tacos I ordered! We hit up eCreamery for dessert and I was [...]

races recently

diva dash 5k

On my quest to do at least one 5k race each month of 2014, I found myself with two great races in March - the Blarney Stone and the Diva Dash. First up was the Blarney Stone 5k which naturally was held on St. Patrick's Day. It was coordinated by the BRIN Running Series which [...]

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