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July 2014

grilled pizza

This month's edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen should really be called Three Cooks Three Grills because we grilled our very own pizzas and they were DELICIOUS! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the prospect of grilling pizza. I mean, wouldn't it fall through the grate? (Spoiler: no, it won't) In the end, [...]

weaning your baby at 13 months

While pregnant with Eleanor, I often tried to imagine the various different aspects of motherhood, and for me, breastfeeding was always in the picture. My plan had always been to breastfeed Eleanor for 1 year, and I'm proud to say that together she and I fulfilled our goal! At 12 months of breastfeeding I was [...]

build your own ball pit

Another 1st birthday post coming your way today! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we had the BEST time at Eleanor's Berry 1st Birthday! She's one lucky lady to have so many people in her life who love and care for her! She was also pretty darn spoiled with amazing, thoughtful gifts from all [...]

weekend on the water

lake weekend omaha

Monday already? This weekend flew by! It was a perfect mixture of work and play! First up was a bit of cardio. As hard as I tried to stay on track while in Dallas, traveling put a kink in my running plans. I decided to lace up for a couple of good runs this weekend! [...]

birthday eats and sweets

five bean salad

Eleanor's 1st birthday has loooooooong passed, but I still wanted to share a bit more about her Berry 1st Birthday Party! Food of course was a party essential, and since I was planning, there obviously had to be plenty of sweets! The most important sweet was Eleanor's smash cake - you can read more about how [...]

texas adventures

texas trip

Hello! I'm popping in today to give a quick recap of where I've been over the past week. Our little family along with my parents road tripped down to Dallas, Texas to visit my sister, her husband, and our two adorable nieces! I had the BEST time playing with my favorite little girls, exploring the Dallas [...]

Ok, a little more than one word today! We're back from our epic Texas vacation! I tried my best to unplug and really be in the moment and enjoy every minute of our trip - of course that unfortunately meant ignoring my little bloggy blog. We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to [...]

5 best sippy cups

5 best sippy cups

As babies get older, many things change. Crawling leads to cruising. Babbles lead to first words. And bottles lead to cups. Over the past few months, Eleanor and I have been on the search for the perfect sippy cup. At our 9 month appointment, my pediatrician recommended having Eleanor off bottles by around 1 year, [...]

milwaukee weekend

milwaukee weekend

Ahhh - it feels good to be home! I'm currently ignoring a mountain of laundry and typing this post from bed while Eleanor naps. If you saw any of my many Instagram posts from the weekend, it was apparent that we were living it up in Milwaukee! I hadn't been back to Wisconsin since we moved in April [...]


Ok, this is more than one word, but my teething baby has become a beaver! By the time all her teeth are through, she's going to have gnawed through her crib! Poor babe :(  

the hilliest 10k EVER

indie run omaha

In-between 4th of July celebrating, Jeff and I found time on Saturday morning to run our second 10k race. I was hoping to improve my time from the corNfield corNfield, so I was excited that I had another opportunity to try again so soon! The Indie Run was organized by the Benson Ames Alliance and [...]

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