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July 2014

a fantastic fourth

fourth of july celebrations omaha

Hi and HAPPY Monday! After what feels like the looooooooongest weekend ever, it's going to be hard to get back into our weekly routine. We had a fantastic fourth and it will be sad to have Jeff back to work :( Sunscreen was the name of the game this weekend - we spent as much time outside [...]

4th of july caprese skewers

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a fun holiday weekend planned. We got a head start on celebrating at Jeff's family's cabin yesterday afternoon - lots of food, fireworks and fun! Today we're hanging around home for some backyard fun in Eleanor's pool before heading over to our friends' home for a BBQ and fireworks. Say [...]

first birthday cake

Figuring out Eleanor's 1st birthday cake was one of the most challenging parts of party planning. Her MSPI issues seem to be resolving themselves, but we're still pretty conservative with what we feed her. Her digestive system is a bit touchy, so we continue to avoid soy and most grains. I searched high and low [...]


I'm finally getting around to sharing Eleanor's birthday party here on the blog! Way back on June 14, family and friends helped us celebrate Eleanor's "Berry" 1st Birthday! As you can probably tell, it was strawberry themed all the way from decor to desserts. I think everything turned out really cute and Eleanor LOVED her special [...]

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