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October 2014

monster mash 5k

monster mash omaha

On Sunday morning, Jeff and I ran the Monster Mash 5k. I love themed runs and wanted to find a FUN one for October! This was the 2nd year of the Monster Mash, and it was a blast. It was a family oriented event with a kids dash, 1 mile run and 5k - all proceeds [...]

pumpkin pickin’

pumpkin picking omaha

What's fall without a little bit a lot of pumpkin? We took Eleanor to Vala's Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago, but with Grandpa Doug on babysitting duty, this weekend was all about the girls! Hannah, Erin and I headed out to Bellevue Berry Farm on Sunday to pick out pumpkins before an afternoon of carving. [...]

finding my “yes”

finding my yes

You may (or may not) have noticed a severe lack of fitness posts here lately, and the reason is simple… there hasn't been much happening in that department. I think like many people, the intensity of my fitness regimen tends to ebb and flow, but this time I've hit a serious rut. I occasionally go [...]

one word wednesday coloring
cat in the hat rose theater omaha

Make sure to read through the end -  there's great free surprise for all Dr. Seuss lovers! :)  As I mentioned yesterday, I attended a fantastic performance of The Cat in the Hat at the Rose Theater on Friday. It was a special preview performance before the BIG opening night, so I was joined by a [...]

weekend snaps: toddler fun


Hello and HAPPY Monday! We had a busy weekend that was full of toddler fun for Eleanor! My weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon with a special preview performance of Cat in the Hat at the Rose Theater. Yes, I am a 26 year old who went alone to watch a Dr. Suess play in [...]

5 books for every toddler's bookshelf

Jeff and I started reading to Eleanor the week she came home from the hospital. Obviously our teeny tiny newborn didn't care at all about the bright pictures we were holding in front of her or the silly rhymes we were singing, but we knew we were developing good habits as a family. It wasn't [...]

catching up

You know that week long blogging hiatus I took? Well, instead of my usual "One Word Wednesday," I'm going to take today to fill you in on some of the blog topics I missed during my week off. Please excuse the rambly/random nature of this post - I just have a lot to say :) 1. [...]

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