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February 2015

Oh… I'm not even sure how to start this post, haha! The real title should probably be "Fon-DON'T try this at home!" As you may have guessed, our Three Cooks One Kitchen fondue party didn't quite go as planned, but we had plenty of laughs along the way. Last Saturday before BeerFest, Erin, Hannah and [...]

living unplugged {+ giveaway}

I talked last week about trying to balance the different demands of being a stay-at-home mom, and how I structure my day has been a topic that's been weighing heavily on my mind. I've recently found myself too attached to my various screens and not living in the moment with Eleanor. I was saying "just [...]

Hi and happy Monday! We had an incredibly fun/busy weekend with friends this weekend! I'm really not ready to face the fact that Monday is here! On Saturday we dropped Eleanor off with her grandparents and headed to Erin and Josh's place for a fondue party (more on that on Thursday) with a few friends. [...]

bumpdate: 30 weeks

30 week pregnant belly bump

Happy Friday! Eleanor and I are road tripping to my parents' house in Iowa today to pick up a fondue pot (more on that next week) before kicking off a fun weekend with friends! I'm 30 weeks today - 30 WEEKS! I feel like once I hit 30 weeks, everything gets more real. Yes, a [...]

toddler tasks

toddler tasks

Recently I've been trying to find a better balance between all of my duties as a stay-at-home mom. There's housework, meals, blogging tasks, and of course - quality time with Eleanor. Naps and post-bedtime for Eleanor used to be my sweet spot for tackling my "to do" list, but I was finding that I still [...]

wiaw: toddler edition

Some of my favorite blog posts to read each week are WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) recaps. It's a great way to get new recipe ideas and change up old routines. I especially love when moms post what their kiddos are eating because sometimes feeding a toddler feels like a giant mystery to me :) [...]

20 weeks pregnant baby bump

Now that I'm well on my way through my 3rd trimester, I decided to take a look back and compare 2nd trimester with baby #1 and baby #2. It was fun to do with my 1st trimester, and again I was surprised by what has been the same and what has been different this time [...]

valentines weekend

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a weekend full of LOVE ;) Like I mentioned in my post on Friday, Eleanor and I kicked off the weekend early with a Valentine's party with her playgroup friends. My sister got E an adorable V-Day outfit, so we had a mini photo shoot before we left... [...]

last minute valentines

toddler valentine

Hey friends! I'm just popping by quick to share Eleanor's valentines! One of the moms in our playgroup is hosting a little Valentine's party for the kiddos this afternoon, and in true Joanna form, I didn't get started on Eleanor's treats until 2 hours before the party ;) Lucky for me, Target saved the day, and [...]

stonyfield yobaby giveaway

**Keep reading for a great giveaway for your little sweetie!** Get your glittery hearts ready - Valentine's Day is upon us! Jeff and I don't usually do too much to celebrate since we both have birthdays in February, but it's always nice to make the ones you love feel special. As a mom, seeing Eleanor [...]

Thank you to Mommy Fitness for providing me a membership throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey It's pretty obvious that I've LOVED going to my Mommy Fitness classes while pregnant :) I *try* to make it to three classes a week and do a mix of cardio, strength and yoga. The physical benefits of working [...]

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