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June 2015

stonyfield yogurt mexican layer dip

Hey hey! I hope you had an awesome weekend and are ready to tackle another week! With the 4th of July holiday coming up, it's hard to be upset about another Monday ;) Our weekend was the best in awhile! We road tripped to Iowa on Saturday to spend the day with one of my [...]

everly: 2 months

month by month baby photo on calendar

My sweet Everly is 2 months old today! HOW is that even possible? She continues to be the easiest baby ever, and we've loved watching her gentle personality develop. At 2 months baby Evie: …weighs ??? (we'll find out this afternoon - I'm guessing 12 lbs 8 oz) …has outgrown her newborn clothing and is [...]

no more shoulds

Hey friends! Long time, no talk! I didn't expect to take a week+ break from blogging, but alas, here we are. My laptop has actually been dead for most of the week - I can't remember the last time that happened! At first I felt guilty about my break - I should be blogging, I should be [...]

zoo birthday party

zoo birthday party

This weekend we celebrated Eleanor's 2nd birthday with a WILD animal themed zoo party! We've been talking about her party for weeks, practicing the Happy Birthday song, and convincing her to say "2" instead of "1" when she's asked her age. Now the big day and come and gone, and it's safe to say that Eleanor [...]

party recovery

We partied hard this weekend for Eleanor's 2nd birthday! Today we have her 2 year well check, a ton of laundry to catch up on, new toys to play with… and maybe a couple of naps too ;) I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap of her zoo party! (You can get a sneak [...]

eleanor turns 2

I'm sitting across from you at the kitchen table, watching you eat your "sauce," and listening to you giggle and sing about riding a choo-choo train. You're going to be 2 tomorrow! How is that even possible? I look at the little girl (not a baby anymore!) you've become, and I couldn't be more proud [...]

For this month's edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen, we tackled breakfast - my favorite meal of the day! :) Hannah found an absolutely amazing recipe for a veggie frittata, and now I'm certain I need to purchase a cast-iron pan so I can make these weekly! The whole process was super easy - which [...]

father's day bicycle paint resist craft

Here's a bonus Father's Day craft idea - be sure to check out Eleanor's Milk and Cookies Gift too!  Aside from her daddy, Eleanor has two more special men to make gifts for this Father's Day - her grandpas! All three of these guys love biking (and do so often together), so I thought it would [...]

fathers day milk and cookie craft for toddlers

Be sure to check out Eleanor's BONUS Father's Day craft idea - it's perfect for any bike loving daddy!  From the time Eleanor wakes up in the morning, she's asking me when her daddy will be home from work, "Daddy home soon?!" When he walks through the door, she has a million requests for him. There [...]

sunday snaps

Hi there! Can you believe it's Monday?! We had a fun weekend around here and finally enjoyed some SUNNY weather (all this rain was starting to get me down)! It felt like a busy couple of days, but when I look back, I didn't really accomplish much aside from eating and playing with the girls. [...]

newborn photo

Get ready for some baby cuteness today ;) We had Everly's newborn photos taken when she was 12 days old. I absolutely LOVED the photographer we used when Eleanor was an infant, so I was disappointed when she moved 4+ hours away. Luckily for me, Tiffani books 1 newborn session a month in Omaha, and [...]

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