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July 2015

tom and chee omaha

Thanks to Tom+Chee for sponsoring this post! Last week I had the opportunity to try one of Omaha's newest restaurants, Tom+Chee! And to be totally honest, I've already been back three times…. 3! I first saw Tom+Chee on an episode of Shark Tank (total Friday night guilty pleasure), so I was super excited to hear [...]

top 5 yoga poses for breastfeeding moms

Like many mamas, I've had varying degrees of back pain since having baby Everly (well, since getting pregnant really). The demands of motherhood can do a number on our bodies, and I know breastfeeding is partly to blame. I spend countless hours hunched over trying to get in a good position for Everly to nurse. My [...]

101 ways to use huggies wipes

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post! As a mom, you quickly learn that toddlers are basically tiny, adorable tornados of messes. Eleanor is constantly making mini catastrophes for me to clean up, so I'm always reaching for a package of wipes. Lately my little mess maker has been more than happy to help clean up [...]

a bridal fiesta

bridal fiesta

Happy Monday! It's a rainy day here in Omaha - maybe it will help cut some of this crazy heat! We had an awesome weekend back in Iowa! We road tripped to my parents' house on Saturday before heading into Des Moines on Sunday morning. My best friend from high school is getting married this [...]

7 reasons you should try infant massage

I did infant massage with Eleanor when she was little, but it's a routine I haven't started with baby Everly yet. After talking to Taron (our FAVORITE yoga instructor at Mommy Fitness who is also a Licensed Massage Therapist) about the benefits of infant massage, I'm definitely making it a priority again!  Just 15 minutes a [...]

finding YOU time as a stay at home mom

Thanks to Savvy Sassy Moms for sponsoring this post Being a stay at home mom means that family time, work time, and personal time are continually blurred. How can we find margin in our days to do something truly meaningful for ourselves? As you know, I'm a stay at home mom to two young girls. [...]

homemade banilla frozen yogurt

*Thanks Stonyfield for sponsoring this post! Making frozen treats can be just as fun as eating them! All it takes is your favorite Stonyfield yogurt, some yummy mix-ins, and a bit of space to run and play :) Stonyfield sent us this awesome Ice Cream Ball from YayLabs! You get to PLAY with a ball and [...]

love illy pie mix

*Thanks to Savvy Sassy Moms for sponsoring this post! I think every mom learns ways to make life a little easier and a little more enjoyable. Taking care of kiddos is a full-time job, so it's nice when products can give you a helping hand. Here are 3 of my favorite "mom hacks!" Thanks to [...]

mommy maintenance: why healing your pelvic floor is essential

Thank you to Mommy Fitness for providing me a membership throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey - I chose to register and pay for Total Control on my own because I truly love the Mommy Fitness experience Pregnancy and childbirth puts a woman's body through many changes and these stresses impact parts of your body [...]

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