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December 2015

cuddles and convos

The following post was sponsored by Stonyfield To say things have been busy around here lately is an understatement. As you're reading this post, Jeff and I have *hopefully* made the FINAL trip to our old house to move the rest of our things. It's truly amazing just how much stuff we were able to [...]

2016 family resolutions

If you've been following along for awhile, you know that our family has had quite the year - a new baby (Everly), a new job (Jeff), and now, in just a matter of hours... a new house! It feels like since the day we were married, Jeff and I have been in a constant state [...]

easy toddler ornaments

easy toddler ornaments

You guys, today's post has been a YEAR in the making! Eleanor and I made these as Christmas gifts last year, and I totally forgot to post about them. Better late than never, right? Last Christmas, my little lady was 18 months old, and the perfect age for some handmade Christmas crafting! Look how tiny [...]

a little goes a long way

Different seasons of my life always seem to teach me different lessons. In the midst of life with a 6 month old, 2.5 year old, the holidays, business travel, and buying/selling homes, my latest lesson has become crystal clear... Even the littlest things can have a BIG impact. House showings with two little ones were stressful. [...]

The following post is sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts I think everybody can probably remember the first time they watched The Wizard of Oz. For me, I'll never forget that moment when the screen went from black and white… to epic technicolor! And the music - who could forget the music? Somewhere Over the Rainbow was [...]

everly: 7 months

7 month old baby photo shoot

I'm late… again! But here we are! Baby Everly is 7 months old. She's had the biggest developmental leaps in the past month - sitting, crawling (army style), babbling, eating, and playing. It's like she's a REAL person, haha ;) I think she wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking - she gets up [...]

peter and the startcatcher

The following post is sponsored by The Rose Theater Ever wonder how Peter Pan became The Boy Who Never Grew Up? Find out at Peter and the Starcatcher debuting at The Rose Theater this weekend! In this hilarious retelling of the Neverland adventures, a nameless orphan (who we come to know as Peter Pan) meets Molly, [...]

ultimate princess gift guide for toddlers

The following post is sponsored by Delta Children You're about to enter the world of Eleanor - ALL princesses, ALL the time! I have to admit, I was not a princess girl growing up, so Eleanor's newfound passion is a bit foreign to me. I fought being a "Disney family" for a long time, but [...]

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