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January 2016

she’s still little

she's still little

Everly is 9 months old now, and some days she doesn't feel like much of a baby. She's off - my little adventurer, explorer. No time for snuggles, books, or games of peek-a-boo. She has a big sister to catch, and new worlds to conquer. Independent. But then there are the mornings she wakes up [...]

sweet as can be {+ giveaway}

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We were busy visiting family back in Iowa. It was great to see the girls get to play with their GREAT grandparents! Luckily we beat the snow back to Omaha yesterday and had a lazy afternoon getting settled back in! It's hard to believe that Valentine's [...]

living big with natalie dayton

Welcome to the first installment of Living Big with Makingmine! Click here for more on this new series! Happy Friday friends! I'm so excited to introduce you to Natalie Dayton from Flyover Design Co. I first met Natalie about a year ago while wedding gown shopping with my best friend from high school and got [...]

thinking ahead with your child's health

Thanks to the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital for sponsoring today's post!  If there's one thing all moms can agree on, it's that we ALL worry about our kids. Are they happy? Are they healthy? Are they growing? What can (and inevitably will) go wrong? Our family has been very fortunate so far and have only encountered [...]

9 months in, 9 months out

Today's post has been a long time coming - 18 months to be exact! Baby Everly is (almost) 9 months old! And yes, I have to say the cliché, "It has gone SO fast!" Today I wanted to revisit some of the highlights of my 2nd pregnancy, update you on my postpartum journey, and of course, [...]

living BIG with makingmine

living big with makingmine

Hello and HAPPY Friday! I’m so excited to share some news with you today! I’ve been wanting to start a series here on Makingmine for awhile now, and I finally found the perfect fit. I created Makingmine as an outlet to chronicle my life – all the different ways I continue to learn and grow throughout [...]

settling in {+ giveaway}

settling in new home

Thank you to EverydayHappy for sending me some GREAT new products and sponsoring today's giveaway! Happy Wednesday friends! I have to take a moment to THANK YOU for all of your heartfelt, thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. I read each and every one, made a list of action items, and even ordered a couple of [...]

when things don't go my way

You guys, I really (and I mean REALLY) try to keep things positive here, but lately I just haven’t been feeling very sunny. I feel stuck. Like absolutely spinning my wheels, going nowhere… stuck. Rereading my recent posts, I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme: “this busy season in our lives,” “this hectic patch,” “this stressful time.” [...]

the sleeping beauty omaha performing arts

The following post is sponsored by Omaha Performing Arts Since moving back to Omaha (3 years ago already!), Jeff and I have made a conscious effort to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities our community has to offer. No matter the week, there's always an abundance of awesome events to choose from! Admittedly, with two [...]

baby safe play space

baby safe play space

  The following post is sponsored by buybuy BABY  Eleanor's little 2 year old world was rocked with the birth of Everly in April, but little did she know, that was only the beginning... Eight months later, Everly is on the move and we've had to make some BIG adjustments in our house. Gone are [...]

everly: 8 months

8 months old baby calendar photos

Well, here we are... late... again, haha! Everly turned 8 months old the day after Christmas. I'll be planning her 1st birthday before I know it! Everly has transitioned to our new home and new routine with ease - she continues to be the HAPPIEST and easiest baby ever! Seriously. I really don't know how [...]

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