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5 reasons your baby is angry

Babies are confusing. Us mamas spend countless hours trying to figure out what each little cry, whimper, and whine might mean. Happy babies are the best, and all we want is to see a smile back on our babe’s little face!

Everly is HAPPY 99% of the time, but I’ve come up with the top five reasons my little lady gets ANGRY (and perhaps you can relate)…

desitin for diaper rash
1. They drop their toy
This is the number one reason for meltdowns in my house. Everly drops a toy and her world implodes. I hand it back, and then two minutes later it happens again.

2. They grab something and can’t let go
This one is actually kind of funny. At around 4 months Everly would get her hands clamped on something and not be able to let go. The most distressing was when it was her own toes. Poor baby!

3. They develop diaper rash
Ok, babies get a pass on this one. Diaper rash does NOT look like a pleasant experience. Everly was on some antibiotics recently that led to a bit of a rash. Like always, Desitin did the trick, and she was better in no time! And as she starts sleeping for longer periods of time, Desitin will become a part of our nightly routine too.

**And just in case you need help (like I did) identifying or treating your child’s diaper rash, check out this awesome resource!

desitin for diaper rash
4. They can’t eat your burrito
Judging from how angry Everly gets when I don’t share my food, I thought she would LOVE eating. I guess mashed bananas just don’t look as appetizing as my Chipotle.

5. They get strapped in their car seat
I’ve seriously never heard of a baby who enjoyed their carseat. If you happen to have one of these rare children, please let me know, and leave your secret in the comments below. The mothers of the world need your help!

desitin diaper rash
Happy babies = happy mamas!
If you need to stock up on Desitin to combat your little one’s diaper rash, now is a great time! Click here to claim a 25% off coupon through Target Cartwheel! Let’s get rid of one more reason your baby might be angry ;)

Your turn:
What would you add to my list? ;)

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