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5 ways i want to be just like my mom {+ tommee tippee giveaway}

My mom and I have always been close, but since having kids of my own, her advice, support, and friendship have become invaluable. Our family is so lucky to live close to both sets of our girls’ grandparents – it’s been fun watching Eleanor and Everly develop special relationships with each of them.

Like me, my mom has two girls – me and my sister Rachel. I might be a little biased, but I think she did a fantastic job at parenting ;)

It’s my hope that as I continue to navigate my life, I’ll be able to be half the wife, mama, and woman she is. Here are 5 ways I want to be just like my mom:

1. She’s involved in her community
My mom has always been incredibly involved in our small community. Over the years she has stepped up to serve on numerous boards and has generously given her time and talents to others. I can say without a doubt, that our town is a better place because of her.

2. She throws herself ALL in
My mom is incapable of doing something 50% – it’s 110% or nothing. The woman will do anything and everything in her power to make sure something is not only done, but done right. Her passion and drive to see things through is incredible!

3. She never stops learning
My mom likes to take on new creative endeavors, and I love it! Just because you’re no longer in school, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything left to learn. Recently she started teaching herself watercolor, and I hope someday to be able to display her work in my girls’ rooms.

4. She keeps us fed 
This might sound trivial, but it’s not. Remember that HUGE weekend of freezer meals? That was my mom. That day of traditional Norwegian baking? That was my mom. Having her around to help in the days after Everly’s birth meant that everybody was still fed while I could blissfully stay in babyland :)

5. She loves unconditionally 
It makes my heart burst to see my mom snuggle with my girls, sing them songs, and read them stories. It brings back so many great memories from my own childhood. I love that my girls will always know they have a grandmother who they can turn to for anything.

Eleanor has loved having her Grandma (and Grandma’s yummy meals) around since Everly’s birth! She even got to try out some new mealtime goodies from Tommee Tippee while she was here!

This mat and bowl are pretty genius – the mat sticks to the table and then suctions the bowl to stay in place, and the bib is rollable (perfect for meals on-the-go)!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Stonyfield and Tommee Tippee are giving a lucky Makingmine reader their own toddler mealtime set! The winner will receive everything pictured above as well as coupons for YoToddler Stonyfield yogurt!
Tommee Tippee

Don’t forget to enter these great Mother’s Day Giveaways! All winners will be announced on Friday! Good luck!
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