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a few friday favorites #2

Happy Friday everyone! We’re switching things up a bit today and doing a Friday Favorites rather than a Friday Feature! (Man I love alliteration, haha!) Most of my “go to” products are baby centered these days, but sometimes I sneak in something special for myself as well :)

Twilight Constellation Night Light

I love this little turtle. Now that Eleanor is sleeping in her nursery, I feed her around 8:30 in her rocking chair and then place her in her crib while she’s sleepy but still slightly awake. I turn all the lights out except our turtle friend. He provides enough light for me to get her into bed and out of the room without tripping over anything. At this point Eleanor has no preference on night lights (can babies even be scared of the dark?), but it works really well for me! It casts really pretty stars across the ceiling and walls – who wouldn’t love to fall asleep to that?!

StickyGram Magnets

It’s no secret that I love Instagram. Anybody who follows me knows I post a steady stream of baby and puppy photos. I can’t help it – they’re too cute! I decided to choose a few of my Instagram favorites and have magnets printed by StickyGram. I love how they turned out – plus their cheap enough that I can update them every do often!

Jelly Donut Coffee

This favorite find was out of pure necessity! Every fall they get rid of my favorite Dunkin Donuts flavor (Strawberry Shortcake), so I needed to find a replacement until spring. The Jelly Donut flavor is a good stand in :)

High Contrast Art Cards

Eleanor loves these cards! We’ve had them since she was about a month old, and she could stare at them for hours. The high contrast really captures her attention, and it’s good for her visual development as well. There are 6 total and it’s fun to change them around in front of her and see her reaction when she realizes she’s looking at something new.

Thanks to everybody who entered the photography giveaway! Our winner is Kelly Crummer! Congrats Kelly – email me at joanna@makingmine and I’ll get you all set up with Kitty!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Your turn:

Do you have any “go to” favorites?
What are your plans this weekend? We’re going to see Book of Mormon tonight – should be good! :)


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