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a few of eleanor’s faves

I always think it’s interesting to see what kiddos are into at different ages and stages, and it’s been awhile since I did a post of a few of Eleanor’s favorite things.

At 20 months she has developed a HUGE imagination and engages in a lot of different pretend play – feeding babies and changing diapers, making food in her kitchen, cleaning up messes, etc. But today I decided to focus on a few different products that she’s been gravitating towards lately…

 Eleanor's Faves

1. Melissa and Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks: When she first got these at Christmas, I thought they would be too difficult, but she proved me wrong! These pattern blocks are great for developing motor skills as well as beginning shape and color recognition. She likes the templates and does a really good job finding the right piece for each space.

2. The Best of Elmo Album: Eleanor has officially entered the world of Sesame Street! Up until 18 months, Eleanor didn’t watch any TV and now I try to keep it limited to no more than 2 TV episodes a week. Even so, my little lady is Elmo obsessed!

I found this great Elmo album on iTunes that Eleanor just loves. She’s memorized quite a few of the songs and requests it whenever we drive anywhere in the car. (Side note: Listening to Elmo on repeat is mind-numbing as a parent, but it’s a small price to pay for a happy traveler!)

3. Sandra Boynton Books: I’ve talked about my love for Sandra Boynton books before, but I just have to say it again, haha! Eleanor LOVES these little board books. They have fun repeatable word patterns and lots of first concepts that kiddos relate to. Right now she’s really digging “Blue Hat, Green Hat” because she gets to say “oops” on each page :)

4. Mega Bloks: These blocks are fantastic! They are simpler to use that legos or duplos, so little hands can put them together and take them apart easily. Eleanor has built some pretty epic towers lately ;)

5. Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse: We play “house” ALL THE TIME! She adores setting up the little family of dolls in different situations. They take baths, go “night night,” and sit at the table to eat. No surprise that her favorite accessory is the little potty, haha!

And sometimes, all the toys get used together in an epic imaginary game with no rules ;)

Your turn:

What toys/games are your kiddos into lately?
How do you feel about listening to Elmo on repeat? ;)


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