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a {marvelous} family weekend

Hello there and happy Monday! I am writing to you from my parents’ home in Iowa where I’ll be spending the week with my family!

As I mentioned on Saturday, my sister is visiting from Texas with her two little girls (Mahala and Lydia). We had an AWESOME weekend in Omaha, and I’m looking forward to just as much fun the rest of the week!

So what made our weekend so marvelous?

Seeing Eleanor meet her cousins for the first time was really special. It was also amazing for Jeff and I. We have adored being aunt and uncle to Mahala, so getting another niece to love is just the best! Lydia and Eleanor were born just 18 hours apart, so it’s been fun to see them experience different milestones at the same time.


Friday night consisted of lots of kicking around on the blankets. They bopped each other in the face for awhile, and Lydia even managed to get ahold of Eleanor’s hair a few times :)


On Saturday the whole crew ventured out to the Omaha Children’s Museum. I used to enjoy taking the girls I nannied in college, but it was even better than I remembered – we’ll definitely have to get a membership when Eleanor gets older! Mahala had an absolute blast, and the babies slept comfortably in their Moby’s the entire time.



After meeting up with Jeff’s family for breakfast on Sunday, we hit the road to Iowa. Jeff, Eleanor and I stopped to see some high school friends (and failed to take ANY photos) and had a really great time catching up and introducing Eleanor to her “extended family.”

Mahala’s birthday was last week, and we held back one additional present, so she’d have something to new to play with on her trip. She’s the queen of pretend play, so this hair stylist costume was right up her alley. We also got her a construction worker outfit that was sent down to Texas – she loves both! Needless to say, we’ve all gotten our hair done at Mahala’s salon. Her prices are very affordable – only $3 for a cut and style :)


After such a marvelous weekend, I can’t wait to see what this week brings!

What is making your Monday great?
Where are your favorite places to entertain kids?

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