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and the stockings were hung….

…by the kibble with care, with hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there.

Ok, I promise I’m not going off the deep-end, but I did make Ruby a stocking for Christmas. My mom makes beautiful cross-stitch stockings for family and just finished one up for my niece Mahala. I didn’t figure I’d subject my mom to the stress (or yes, insanity) of creating a handmade stocking for our puppy, so I decided to try whipping one up myself.

It was actually fairly easy. After finding some adorable puppy fabric and matching it with some cozy flannel, I sketched out a stocking and got to work. It was my first time using batting, but I’m glad I did because the finished product is much sturdier (which I’m sure Ruby will appreciate when it’s stocked full of presents). If I figure out how, I’ll try to post the pattern at some point :)

Here’s Ruby Ru with her 1st Christmas stocking – hope she’s a good pup so Santa Paws pays her a visit…

rubystocking rubystocking2


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