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Around Here: March 2017

Hey mamas!

How’s life?! Things in our little part of the world have been up and down. It’s been a loooooooooong winter of illnesses around here. In the past week alone between the two girls, we’ve dealt with: a sinus infection, pink eye, double ear infection, nose bleeds, and newly acquired motion sickness in the car. If anybody needs pointers on cleaning car seats, I’m your girl :/

Seeing your kiddos sick is THE WORST, but I’m very thankful that nothing has been too serious. Prayers to all you mamas who are taking care of your little ones!

As I mentioned in my post last week, I’ve started sewing again, and I’m working on something special I hope to show you all in the next few weeks. I’m incredibly excited – I think you mamas (and your babes) are going to love it ;)

Aside from bribing my children to take their medicine and locking myself in the basement to sew once they’re in bed for the night, I have been doing a steady stream of Orangetheory classes. I did 5 days in a row last week, and I thought my legs were going to fall off.

I’m looking forward to starting some outdoor runs once it warms up consistently! Jeff and I are planning on doing a half in early June – our first one together, and likely a true test of our marriage ;)

And in probably the biggest news of all, Jeff and I are jetting off tomorrow for a long weekend in NYC with some friends! Woo hoooooooo! Here’s hoping my girls are feeling good enough to give their grandparents a run for their money ;)

Tell me what’s new with you?!

xoxo joanna

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