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Around Here: May 2017

Hey mamas! I thought I’d drop in today for a regular old life update! I’ve been meaning to do these monthly, but April totally got away from me! Our family spent the better part of March/April sick, but everybody is now on the mend and life is returning to normal!


Slowing Down

I put my Orange Theory membership on hold indefinitely due to some ongoing rib pain from my bout with bronchitis. It still very much hurts to breathe (let alone sneeze, cough, or laugh), so I’m taking a much needed step back to let my body heal. I’ll admit, it’s rough mentally to stop exercising like I usually do, but I know it’s what’s best in the long run.

Speaking of long runs, Jeff and I are supposed to do a half marathon together in June. We’re going to re-evaluate next week to see whether trying to complete it even makes sense any more. This definitely isn’t ideal, but again, I know it’s best to do what’s right for my overall health!

A New Gig

What else is new? Well, I started a job! What?! I know! This is my first time working outside the home since I got pregnant with Eleanor 4.5 years ago. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t planning on looking for anything until the girls were in school full-time, but life had different plans for me!

I’m working as the Nursery Coordinator at our church and I couldn’t imagine a better fit! I work with a fantastic youth ministry team, and I absolutely love spending time with the babies and toddlers in the nursery.


Birthday Celebrations

Everly’s 2nd birthday was a huge success! My Minnie Mouse obsessed little girl was in heaven with all the attention. My mom and mother-in-law each threw her little parties, so I somehow got off being able to sit back and enjoy the festivities with none of the actual work! Can I sign up for this arrangement every year? ;)

Summer Projects

Jeff and I have a number of house projects slated for this Spring/Summer. Honestly, we need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday to get everything done! How did our parents make home ownership look so easy?! We bumped our biggest project (repainting the house) to next summer, so that means I have 12 more months to agonize over paint colors ;)


Getting Crafty

The girls and I have been working on some fun projects that I’ll share on here soon! In the meantime, make sure you check out this awesome Mother’s Day project and this adorable Teacher Appreciation card!

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xoxo joanna

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