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assembling our birth plan

**I meant to get this post out before Eleanor arrived, but she had different plans – here it is a little late haha**

J and I have tried to be intentional as possible while preparing for the birth of our baby. This has included everything from choosing the right doctor, making the move back to Omaha, enrolling in childbirth classes, AND writing our birth plan. He and I are both the type of people who like a roadmap. We enjoy planning out the details and thinking ahead about what we want. Working together on a birth plan has definitely helped put both of us at ease in the weeks leading up to delivery.

birth plan

It’s been very important for me to think about what I want out of my birth experience. And just as important, it’s been good for me to share these thoughts and feelings with J. I feel as though we both have clear expectations of what we need from each other which will be incredibly helpful in keeping anxiety and frustration at bay. Hence – the birth plan! :)

Our hospital provided us with a template to follow for writing a birth plan. J and I completed ours over a dinner date (at Buffalo Wild Wings of all places), and then reviewed it with our Dr. at our next appointment. She discussed the finer points of the plan with us and then signed off giving her approval. She noted that the most important people to understand our plan are actually our labor and delivery nurses since they are present during a larger portion of the birth.

Our plan will be scanned in to my hospital records and we’ll also bring a hard copy for our own reference. Rather than boring you with what J and I want for our D-day, here are the portions that we found most helpful to discuss as a couple:

  • The type of room we would like to request at the hospital (jacuzzi vs. shower)
  • Environment in the labor room (music, lighting, noise level, etc)
  • Labor support present
  • Pushing preferences
  • Comfort measures
  • Progress of labor (rupture of membranes, what to do if labor is not progressing, etc)
  • Greeting the baby (immediate skin-to-skin, cleaned off first, etc)
  • Cutting the cord
  • Visitors during hospital stay

While neither J or I can predict what will happen during labor and delivery, we feel good knowing the preferences we each have. It was important for J to understand what kind of environment I want to remain relaxed throughout the laboring process. And it was important for me to understand his comfort level with cutting the cord and greeting the baby.

We are SO excited to get this show on the road and meet our little girl :)

What topics do you think are important for couples to discuss? Do you think birth plans make sense when there are so many “unknowns” in the delivery room?



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