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baby bucket list

Things are certainly going to change once Baby M makes his/her arrival in June, so I started thinking about all of the things I wanted to get done during my last few months of “pre-baby life.”


It was actually really difficult for me to scrap together this list. Ever since J and I started dating, we always envisioned our future WITH kids. We will be *relatively* young parents and look forward to sharing our life adventures with our children. There was never really anything we wanted to “get out of the way” before kids – we are so excited to face the opportunities and experiences ahead of us as a family!

For those of you rolling your eyes… yes, I know our priorities will change, our sleep will dwindle, and our own wants and needs will take a backseat to those of the littlest Murnan. In an effort to prepare (and selfishly pamper myself along the way), here’s my Baby Bucket List for the next 5 months:

What do you think of creating a Baby Bucket List? Is there anything else you would add?

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