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baby m: 36 weeks

I am extremely late (again) with my 36 week update! The past month has flown by. J and I are settled into our new home and absolutely love being back in Omaha with so many family and friends around. I’ve been in to see my Dr. a few more times and will be going weekly until our little girl decides to arrive!

Since my last post, we had one final ultrasound. It was a bit of a let-down because everything is so scrunched in my tummy at this point. It was really hard to distinguish what were arms vs legs. She was all curled up, but she had found her way head down luckily! Here’s to hoping she stays that way! At my appointment two weeks ago, my doctor checked her position again. She mentioned that I was measuring right on track, but that the baby was filling my entire (long) torso. This led her to think that we would be having a long, lean baby. Looks like she’s already taking after her dad. I hope she gets his dimples too :)

Our prepared childbirth class continues to be a great experience. It’s a great opportunity to focus on the pregnancy as a couple and we always leave feeling more assured that we can handle this looming labor and delivery thing in our near future. We also took a baby care class. As we were leaving, J mentioned how “real” the class made him feel about having a baby. Our childbirth classes have primarily focused on the birth itself. I guess he hadn’t thought too much about what happens after that: 18+ years of being this little lady’s parents! Whoa! I know he’s going to be a great dad – it’s been so fun to watch him fall just as in love with this baby as I have.

I was thinking that the baby had dropped because the top of my belly felt squishier than it had in weeks, BUT judging from this picture, I’d say this little girl has a long way to go haha


36 Week Survey

This week, baby is the size of a: honeydew

Due date: June 24

How far along: 36 weeks

Next appointment: June 6

Gender: GIRL!

Total weight gain: 30 pounds (with no weight gain in the last 2 weeks – hoping it stays that way!)

Exercise: Taking Ruby for walks

Stretch marks: Nothing new – my bellybutton is getting crazy stretched though

Swelling: Some occasional swelling in my hands if I’m not hydrating well enough

Maternity clothes:  90% of my maternity shirts no longer fit. I have been living in Old Navy tanks, maternity shorts, and maxi dresses!

Belly button: Out! And painful :(

Sleep: I’ve been taking advantage of lots of naps. At night I sleep about an hour at a time, so even if I log quite a few hours, the quality of sleep is just terrible. Baby is super active at night as well, so at least I have company :)

Food cravings/aversions: avocado and SUGAR

Symptoms: Lots of pelvic pain/pressure

Movement: She’s still very active. She’s running out of room in there, so I can feel individual limbs poking me throughout the day

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I was 50% effaced at my appointment last week

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and being able to go longer than an hour before needing to pee :)

What I’m loving: Having our house baby prepped! I love seeing all of her “gear” everywhere!

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting my baby girl!

Best moment this week: Hearing that I was 50% effaced – that means “something” is happening :)

Milestones: Getting our car seat checked – our little girl should be safe and sound

Goals: Meet with our pediatrician this week and pack our hospital bags!


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