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baby m: week 12

If you saw my Christmas post, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise… we’re expecting Baby Murnan in June!

My due date is set at June 24, and my older sister, Rachel, is due with her second child on June 14! How awesome is that timing? Babies galore!

J and I are SO excited and anxiously preparing for the arrival of our little one. I am currently about 14.5 weeks along, but I thought I’d go back and share a couple of pictures from week 12. My sister got me these adorable “bump” decals to document Baby M’s growth every 4 weeks.

So far my pregnancy has been more uncomfortable than I had anticipated. I had all-day nausea through most of my first trimester and began getting sick daily when my hormones peaked around week 11. My nausea is always worst in the evening, so poor J has gotten the brunt of my moans, groans and complaining. Extreme fatigue was also an uphill battle – luckily my class schedule allowed ample time for naps and cuddles with Miss Ruby. So far I haven’t had any crazy cravings, unless you count wanting refried beans, Mexican rice and chicken fajitas for breakfast, lunch and dinner each and every day (if you know my husband, you know he’s not complaining about this diet). I found the best way to manage my nausea was to eat little meals every 2 hours and stay hydrated. I seriously considered toting around a cooler to hold all of my snacks. Another hurdle was finding prenatal vitamins I could keep down, but more on that later.

Anyways, overall everything is going really well and it’s so exciting to FINALLY be able to share our news with the world. We’ve had 2 ultrasounds, so our latest pictures are from our little guy/gal at 8 weeks. Baby M looked a lot like a gummy bear at that point. Our last appointment we just had a doppler done to hear baby’s heartbeat, and everything sounded great. Here’s our little peanut at week 12… we even got big sister Ruby to get in on the fun :)




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