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baby’s sprinkle

This past weekend my sweet girlfriends Jordan, Erin, and Hannah (who provided me all these great photos) threw me the most adorable Baby Sprinkle ever! Since little Miss Murnan is my 2nd baby, a whole baby shower wasn’t really necessary but a “sprinkle” was just perfect ;)

They came up with the cutest rainy day theme (since it was a sprinkle and all) that stretched from the refreshments all the way to the decor

Baby Sprinkle Snacks 4
This cloud and raindrop window was my favorite part – a perfect place to snap some photos too!

Baby Sprinkle
The girls came up with three fun games to play (who knew baby showers could get so competitive, haha). There was a BINGO game for guessing the gifts I would receive, a Price is Right game for common baby products, and a word scramble. All 3 provided plenty of laughs :)

Baby Sprinkle Games
I feel so lucky to have made such great girlfriends here in Omaha – and even luckier that they wanted to celebrate my new baby!

I love that best friend from high school made the trip out too!

And the biggest surprise of the day was that my sister arrived in town and was able to party with us!

Everybody brought the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts for our little lady

Baby Sprinkle 3
It was really fun to get some special things just for her

Baby Sprinkle 9
Eleanor was in seventh heaven too – BOTH of her grandmas, and all of her favorite people (she’s kind of claimed my friends as aunts) were in one room at the same time.

Baby Sprinkle 8
Plus, add in a funfetti cupcake, and what more could a toddler want?! :)

Baby Sprinkle 13
The girls put so much thought and care into the whole afternoon – I am truly blessed to have friends like them!

Baby Sprinkle Lemon Drops
Your turn:

Have you ever been to a baby “sprinkle?”
Do you like shower games? I never win, but I love to play! :)

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