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BBL Week 2

Brazil Butt Lift is still going well. I’ve officially done all of the videos at least once. It’s a good feeling to know that I can get through anything they throw at me. I think Sculpt and Tummy Tuck are probably the worst to get through (for obvious reasons). My abs are on fire by the time TT is over and Sculpt really makes me aware of how little upper body strength I have.

Today is exactly the same as yesterday – High and Tight and Tummy Tuck. I’m waiting for my ankle weights to arrive from Amazon before I do today’s workout. I think I’m ready to bump up the intensity on High and Tight – we’ll see how it goes! I didn’t end up ordering the ‘booty band’ that’s also supposed to be used with H&T because everything I read said that they just break anyways. Not worth it.

I haven’t ran in a few days, so I’m also going to go to the gym to do an hour of cardio! I have my first class orientation at Mt. Mary this evening! I’m really looking forward to seeing what this semester has in store for me! Hope everybody is having a great Wednesday!

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