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belly bump to bassinet

J and I are officially graduates of the Belly Bump to Bassinet course – I like to think of it as my mom license :)


We took the 6 week prepared childbirth course offered by our hospital, and I’m SO happy we did. The class covered everything from baby care and breastfeeding to mommy care and relaxation techniques. Our instructor was AMAZING, and it was great to meet other couples in the same life stage as us.

It was also really great to take 2 hours out of every week and really, REALLY focus on this baby of ours. Between all of the big changes in our life, taking time to prepare as a COUPLE has sometimes taken a backseat. J and I learned a lot and had a few good laughs along the way (falling off birth balls, using the “practice” baby’s face as leverage for a tight swaddle… the list goes on).

I really think that J should be the one birthing this baby – his ability to succumb to the breathing and relaxation techniques is uncanny. While guiding me through the steps, he would sometimes practically fall asleep and forget to do his role! At least I can count on him to keep me calm, haha!

The hospital tour was on the last night and wow, that really made labor and delivery seem real. Walking the hospital halls was a surreal experience – I’ll be right back there in just a couple of weeks for the real deal! Hopefully I’ll remember all of the tips and tricks we covered over the past 6 weeks :)


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