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My BIG {scary} Fitness Goal

Hey friends! I thought I’d take a break from mommy talk and focus a bit on a different aspect of my life – fitness! My relationship with exercise has changed dramatically over the past two years (mostly thanks to Mommy Fitness), and I now truly see it as a POSITIVE in my life.

My BIG {scary} Fitness Goal
My weekly workouts include a mix of running at the gym (we belong to Lifetime here in Omaha and absolutely LOVE the facility), Cardio & Strength at Mommy Fitness, and family walks. I’m really looking forward to the weather clearing up (no more rain pleeeeeeease) and being able to run outside consistently because…

I’m running the Omaha Half with my sister this fall!

We decided around New Year’s to set this goal together. As neither of us are mega-runners, we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time (and grace) to wrap prepare for 13.1 miles.

We’ve been slowly building up some milage and she’s been a great motivator to remain consistent with my workouts. Our family is trekking over to their place this weekend, so I think we’re going to take our first run together! Should be fun!

Staying Hydrated

My friends at Fit Approach sent me an awesome new-to-me product to try, that has been so handy on gym days! CORE water is not only super refreshing, but also is enhanced with vital electrolytes and minerals.

core hydration
Staying hydrated is SO important – especially as I am continuing to breastfeed Everly. I also love that it comes in a BIG 24 oz bottle – it’s perfect to stash on the treadmill!

If CORE sounds like something you’d like to try during your Spring/Summer workouts, be sure to enter the giveaway below! Also, check out their store locator to find CORE at a retailer near you!

CORE hydration giveaway

CORE Hydration

Do you have any half marathon advice for me? Find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to continue the conversation!

xoxo joanna

*Thank you to Fit Approach and CORE Nutrition for sponsoring this post :)

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