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#blogOmaha turns 1

After a busy weekend, I rounded out my Sunday with a 1st birthday celebration for the Omaha Bloggers Network! It’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago that a small group of bloggers assembled at Ingredient in Midtown Crossing for some blog talk, networking, and of course… food ;)

Now, 1 year later we’ve grown to a group of 75+ and are still growing. We cover every genre imaginable and are all in different stages of growth and development. I’ve made new friendships, tried new things, and learned a lot from these amazing individuals. But most of all, I’ve been supported in pursuing my dream and been given the tools to do so. Long story short, I have a lot of love for #blogOmaha ;)

omaha bloggers network
To mark this special occasion, we held a 1st birthday party at Hiro 88 in Omaha’s Old Market. I had never been to this sushi restaurant before, and man have I been missing out!

We started with an assortment of yummy appetizers – I can never say “no” to edemame and the pot stickers were awesome too!

omaha bloggers network
Then came some of the most impressive sushi boats I have ever seen! It all looked too pretty to eat, but of course, we still managed to dig in ;)

omaha bloggers network
Our afternoon was capped off with dessert courtesy of CupCake Omaha. Just look at those pretty little cakes! I had a hard time choosing, but ended up with a divine chocolate cupcake. It had a surprise filling that was absolutely delicious! You already know how I feel about cupcakes, so I’m thrilled to now know about this Omaha gem!

omaha bloggers network
Conversations with my fellow Omaha bloggers got me thinking about why I blog, and I realized that I don’t have one big reason. I have a MILLION little reasons.

I love the connections that I’ve made through Makingmine. I have met people from all across the country. Some I know only through the computer screen and others I’ve had the privilege to meet in person and become “real life” friends with. Both are equally important to me. Having you visit my blog and reading your comments mean the world to me.

I love that I’m able to chronicle my life. I’ve already looked back at my pregnancy posts more times than I can count. How quickly I forget life’s special moments and Makingmine leaves a trail of all my moments both big and small.

I love the creative outlet blogging allows me. Staying home with a one year old is a challenge, but blogging challenges me in a totally different way. I try new things, take a million photos, and flex my writing muscles (grammar not included haha). I always want to keep bettering myself, and Makingmine holds me accountable.

So thanks again to the Omaha Bloggers Network! It’s been a great first year, and I’m excited to see how we grow in year two! And to my awesome readers – thanks for coming along for the ride! It means more than you know :)

Click here to connect with Hiro 88 and CupCake Omaha!

Your turn:

Are you a sushi fan?
What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?
If you’re a blogger, why do you blog?

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